Files and documents are considered an integral part of office setup. Every department, be it human resource or finance and auditing, requires paper to keep a record of contracts, memos, customer profiles and several other forms and documents. This scenario makes it essential to have document management software in place for managing these important documents. A&P Web Solutions brings the best document management solutions services for revolutionizing the way documents are stored, captured, secured and retrieved in your company on daily basis. It is a paperless solution aimed at improving and facilitating your business processes.

Docsvalut is an affordable and simple paperless solution that supports multiple users and is capable of turning your office into an eco-friendly paperless workplace.

Document management solutions services offered by us are highly easy to learn, install and use. Our focus lies on creating specialized solutions for document management which are economically priced and equipped with unique features.

Why use Docvault?
An ideal solution for organizing, securing and sharing your documents, Docsvault has multiple benefits like:
  • Organize and control work group for centralizing your files
  • Ensure open and uninterrupted communication among users
  • Instantly locating and retrieving your files in paperless office

A&P Web Solutions provides services to make you better understand the actual needs of your business and ensure simplified communication process. Now you can automate a variety of unstructured content, be it emails, images, videos, paper documents, spreadsheets and electronic forms through our document management solutions services.

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Data Centralization
One source for accessing documents and files in an office makes it easier to share and modify any files through collaborating.
Paperless Solution
Advanced searching and feature rich scanning helps to remove unwanted clutter from your office as paper files can be digitized to make them available instantly.
Document Security
Give access for viewing and modifying the files to only authorised personnel and avoid security breaches as well as other such problems with Docsvault.

Production Process
User friendly
A highly easy to use solution even for those who are not tech savvy, Docsvault makes it simple to view each detail of selected document in main window.
Watched Folders
Files can be imported from scanner, fax machines, digital copier or various other applications automatically through network, thanks to the feature of Watched folder. PDF files can be automatically OCRed after scanning. Thus eliminating hassles with the option of automatic importing.
Email alerts to simplify workflow
Simple workflow can be created for routing documents and assigning work to others. Setting deadlines of tasks and reminders is also possible for ensuring completion of work on time through email notifications.
OCR and Batch scanning
Scanning interface makes it easier to capture paper documents seamlessly into easily accessible PDF files, thus changing the way file scanning is viewed by you.
Microsoft Integration
Integration among Docsvault and Microsoft office programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel is possible, thus enabling you to edit office documents using these applications. Attachments and emails can be saved to Docsvault, while documents can be attached to emails through outlook.

Assembling and manipulating PDFAssemble PDFs – reorder, split, append, extract, crop etc. Annotate PDFs – highlight, draw, type, notes etc. Edit PDFs – change, delete or move images and text, thus manipulating PDF files.

Documents can be accessed from various client machines and presence of security rights ensures complete control over accessibility of documents. Along with ensuring security, you can ensure your peace of mind as well.
Searching and retrieving
Besides the usual criteria of searching, indexing of full text allows easy search within the contents of document. You can save search criteria to carry out searches in one click later on, while the search results will be clearly displayed in another tab.
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