Web Designing & Hosting
Your website represents you, it shouldn’t be a bunch of web pages but a design of your vision and that’s our Job!We understand the meaning of having a tailored website for each project. We offer you a service you can rely on. In truth, we believe that you will be over the moon with our hosting service. We deliver GREEN & great value. Free Domain ‘s name and Hosting service for the 1st year Our hosting is fast and stable – all at an incredibly low cost. To put our money where our mouth is, we offer several guarantees. Having a web site is good, but being able to promote your products or services is better.
We offer online marketing services that tie the great features of the creative and technical aspects of the internet through the multiple options that exist, and we do the placement of media along these different stages.
We focus on these areas:
Fax To Email
Do you know that Online faxing is becoming the new STANDARD? Let ‘s go GREEN ! Switching to an online fax solution helps users:
  • Reduce costs,
  • Help the environment by reducing paper usage,
  • Increase productivity by receiving faxes anywhere in the world via email
  • And have better control of communication with you customers
  • You can send and receive faxes with your local personal number, area codes available in
Our 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL is a no obligation, no payment and a worry-free way to find out
how our products will cater to your business needs.
Document Management Solutions
Companies generate a terrific amount of paper and digital content. From contracts, proposals, customer profiles, human resources related documents, financial reports, forms and announcements to memos are produced every day. The point is, most organizations cannot efficiently manage the massive number of documents without industrial strength Document Management software.

Docsvault is a Document Management System or DMS. It is used to index and categorize your documents into a database that runs on your local computer or server.

Docsvault Small Business Edition is a simple, affordable, and feature rich multiple-user document management software with all the tools for converting to a paperless office.

Docsvault is easy to install, learn, and use so you don’t need an IT staff to implement it. Absolutely no one makes a more affordable document management system that still has all the features.

Why use Docsvault? Other than providing an amazing way to secure, organize and share your documents, there are many more benefits of Docsvault Small Business Edition, they are:

  • Organize and control any work group by centralizing files
  • Find and retrieve files instantly in a digital paperless office
  • Open and unobstructed communication between users regarding files
Our 30 Days FREE TRIAL is a no obligation, no payment and a worry-free way to find out how our products will cater to your business needs.